eliminates air pollution, negative effects of electrosmog, geopathy and hydroxyl free radicals

structures and harmonises both bottled and tap water, vegetables, fruit and other liquids


Our devices in the form of ionisers, protectors or plasma generators generate a huge and stable dose of health-promoting negative ions into the air, the so-called "air vitamins" that are continually created by the corona or Lenard effect. Negative ion therapy leads directly to a strengthening of the immune system and cell vitality. The additional use of gemstones stimulated by ionisation revitalises and harmonises our organisms. The proper flow of Qi energy in the meridians is unblocked according to the predetermined principles of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) - in this case acupuncture. Surrounded by the appropriate bjonas, practically all the acupuncture points exposed on the body even like tanks of dried water fill up with it and revive.


A wide range of positive and health effects of negative ions and acupuncture on the human body and health have been proven by many scientists. The pioneers of this research are Dr Kornblueh, and Dr Wikarski, who show the necessity of starting ion therapy by adding air vitamins to the atmosphere in residential areas and workplaces, improving the natural balance, interrupted by modern civilisation. The flowing streams of quanta in the meridians form a closed system. When a blockage arises in a meridian, caused, for example, by inflammation or scar tissue, the (energy) quanta cannot continue to flow; moreover, the direction of flow changes! Pathology occurs. The energy emitted from our devices is precisely to reverse this pathology in the pattern of healing.




12V @ 230V




The production of protective devices requires the use of appropriate solutions. For this purpose, one of the largest glassworks in Poland as well as in Europe helps us to produce a suitable core, the so-called energy emitter. Inside, we installed its heart, i.e. a suitable cylinder with carbon technology and selected precious and semi-precious stones in an arranged proportion cut by a Tesla coil. One of the stones has already been completely extracted from the rare earths of our globe. So please do not dispose of the device, as it works all the time, even without electricity.

What makes the Ion System special and why do our devices, in particular the Ionizer Protector, work so well?

The indications for the use of the protector and the associated air vitamins and gemstone resonance may be objectionable and cause surprise. A logically thinking person, reading the basics of operation below and looking at modern medicine, may conclude that the protector and the technology used in it should not be used to improve a patient’s health. Namely, the action of the device is not about direct action on pathogens and microorganisms in the patient’s body, but indirect action on the substrate, the body, the immune system and antibody activity. With the medicine of the future that it offers, the protector, at the first sign of an imbalance in the system (homeostasis), will act as quickly as possible in an attempt to prevent the development of the disease process.

Three basic principles of operation according to Dr Wikarski:

The first is Air Vitamins – the negative ions emitted by Our devices have a health-promoting effect on the human body, can alleviate symptoms of asthma, allergies and high blood pressure, improve sleep and overall health. They clean the air of smog, smoke, formaldehyde and many other pollutants that have a low impact on our health. All cells in the body are similar to batteries. They require constant recharging. Such recharging, the cells receive from our devices, which emit typical antioxidants. Air vitamins penetrate the blood through the lungs and are distributed throughout the body, restoring the negative charge to Our cells. As a result, the exchange processes become active, the energetics increase and the body revitalises itself, literally like a torch with a new battery. If, on the other hand, the air we are in is dead, the electrical charge of the cells decreases, metabolism slows down, so that the ‘torch goes out’ and many different diseases arise. In cellular respiration, air vitamins play a very important role. If they reach the cell, it means that they penetrate it and the cell acquires a negative charge. The respiratory cycle is stimulated. Cell respiration occurs very efficiently in the presence of air vitamins. Unfortunately, modern technology and negative geopathy disrupts this respiration. Positive ions, entering the cell, cause more and more acids to accumulate in the cell and change the electrical charge on the cell membrane to a positive one. The cell begins to have trouble absorbing vitamins and minerals, which also have positive charges, and then the ion pump does not work. There is a disruption of the electricity on the cell membrane and an accumulation of acids in the cell occurs (polarity disruption). If negative ions enter the body, the cell has a negative charge and acquires any minerals and vitamins that have a positive charge – this is how the ion pump works. When there are a lot of negative ions in the body, cellular respiration is stimulated. The excess negative ions neutralise free radicals, which are known to be responsible for the ageing process.

The second is Qi energy from the air – this is what is produced in our devices thanks to modern solutions, but really a marriage of tradition and modernity. As Dr Wikarski cites, in order to talk about illness, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of its origin. To do so, one needs a clear understanding of the processes of regeneration and degeneration of our organism in terms of the Chinese root philosophy of Yin and Yang. These processes clearly indicate that there is a constant metabolism between the living organism and the external environment, involving the assimilation and dissimilation of substances including vital energy Qi and gas exchange. Traditional Chinese medicine assumes that the tonus, or vital force of life, governs the activity of the main organs and systems in the human body. This vital force is called Qi energy. According to today’s state of the art, this should be understood as a biochemical and physiological adaptation of the organism. These two systems probably sustain the vital activities of every organism without exception. A lack of adequate energy equates to degeneration or disease. It does not have to manifest itself immediately, but it can happen in a few or even several years. You can already “fuel” your body with the missing Qi energy. Look for suitable devices to generate it in the form of protectors or plasma generators.

The third is harmonic bioresonance – thanks to the use of a suitable core according to Dr Wikarski’s idea, which generates appropriate frequencies, the protector device emits only favourably arranged harmonic resonance dominants into the environment. The aim is to align and regenerate all energies, including chakras and meridians in the human body. Thanks to the discovery and combination of negative ionisation in a loop with the specific vibration of precious stones, the resonant frequencies stand in exact mathematical relation to each other (golden division), so that our whole organism is tuned exactly like a musical instrument. It begins to vibrate at the appropriate vibrations. The sequence of action is as follows. Through resonant effects, an impulse is activated which passes through the hypothalamus as the centre of the autonomic nervous system, then to the pituitary and endocrine system, and then to the organs. The hypothalamus is a region sensitive to the effects of chronic inflammation. Impulses passing through this region switch on the processes of regeneration and self-healing.

At the root of most diseases is a primary disorder of the autonomic nervous system, an imbalance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems which alludes to the Chinese concept of an imbalance between Yin and Yang and the Egyptian BA and KA. Protector undoubtedly helps to correct and restore this balance by means of regulating the diseased organ functions. It has a positive effect on the nervous, immune and energy systems, improving health and physical condition. It is sufficient to keep the protector directly next to the bed or on the desk and, in order to take maximum advantage of its properties, hold it in the hands for a minimum of 15 minutes once a day.

Construction of the device (carbon core):

The device uses a carbon core filled with selected precious and semi-precious stones stimulated with air vitamins and a box having stabilising information of harmonic frequency patterns of all 5 elements and their assigned meridians according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory. The five elements are: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Tree. Each of them is interconnected, creating cycles. In everything around us, as well as in ourselves, we can find each of these elements, which can support or destroy each other. They embody change and the movement of energy. More often than not, the elements and the meridians contained within them become decompensated after long chronic chronic stress (smog loads, electromagnetic fields, geopathy, as well as heavy metals and pathogens). Blockages occur. It is the box that is supposed to pre-compensate the decompensation and unblock the disturbed meridians at a certain level. The diseased internal organ, via the meridian pathway, transmits information externally to an acupuncture point located on the body. The same happens in the reverse direction, i.e. from the point to the organ. It is this point that receives the resonant dominants from the protector and regulates the diseased organ.

Carbon core

In addition, in specialised equipment such as a plasma generator you will be able to obtain:

– Hydrogen the most potent antioxidant known to science to date. Hydrogen’s action is largely due to the structure of its molecule – it is so small that it easily penetrates through the alveoli into the cells and then into the mitochondria, initiating repair processes in the body. Thanks to the odour, cell division is also slowed down, prolonging cell life.

– Singlet oxygen, which, due to its nanoparticle nature, can cause the perforation and opening of micro blood vessels and capillaries, allowing blood, oxygen and nutrients to circulate more efficiently in the body. Our body’s organs become nourished, circulated, oxygenated and effectively cleansed of waste products. The organism begins to regenerate itself. The brain’s neural communication with the body’s organs improves, any inflammation in the body and local toxaemia disappears. The blood supply to the liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas improves, and the whole body begins to function at a high and effective level. The production of hormones and enzymes is also stabilised, thus improving the functioning of the body as a whole, in which self-repair processes are initiated.

– Negative Ion (what matters here is not the quantity, but the type, quality and persistence of air vitamins – negative ions) Negative ions produced from water are identical to those naturally occurring and formed by the partial Lenard effect.

*hydrogen detected from condensate using a hydrogen liquid meter


Our devices in the form of ionisers, protectors or plasma generators generate a huge and stable dose of health-promoting negative ions into the air, the so-called "air vitamins" that are constantly created by the corona or Lenard effect. Negative ion therapy leads directly to a strengthening of the immune system and cell vitality. The additional use of gemstones stimulated by ionisation revitalises and harmonises our organisms. The proper flow of Qi energy in the meridians is unblocked according to the predetermined principles of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) - in this case acupuncture. Surrounded by the appropriate bjonas, practically all the acupuncture points exposed on the body even like tanks of dried water fill up with it and revive. The protector does not directly block, reduce or neutralise the radiation of electromagnetic and radio-wave fields, but significantly reduces their negative effects on human health.


ASTMA - positive ions cause smooth muscle contraction in the airways, i.e. bronchospasm, while negative ions have the opposite effect and act as some diastolic drugs
TARGETARY - hormonal regulation
HYPERTENSION - blood pressure regulation DEPRESSION - calming and regulating effect serotonin levels in the body like some chemical tranquillisers, without, of course, their harmful consequences
ACIDIFICATION - deacidifying effect on the human body
NEUTRALISATION - can eliminate and reduce bacteria, viruses and other pathogens in the air
ALERGIES - can relieve symptoms such as blocked nose, burning eyes, coughing and other discomforts caused by allergies
REGENERATION - accelerate the renewal of damaged skin cells after operations, trauma, surgery or plastic cosmetic procedures


CELLS - slows down cell division extending cell life
FREEDOMS - fights against free radicals, helping to slow down the ageing process
RESPONSE - stimulates the immune system in adults and children
ANTIOXIDANT - a way out of oxidative stress
PARKINSON'S DISEASE - developmental delay
ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE - enhancement of cognitive processes, improvement of memory
CANCER - and related cardiovascular diseases - preventing the development of these diseases
MUSCLE - supports the treatment of muscle inflammation and soft tissue damage
BLOOD - lowers blood cholesterol levels. It is used as an alkalizing agent in metabolic acidosis

** presented according to scientific and own studies

Home air purifier and water structuriser in one with electrosmog and geopathic zone protection. The Ionizer Protector by Ion System provides clean, healthy and ionised air wherever you use it. The glass version has been designed for discerning consumers who need both an effective, efficient and elegant product. This unit has been manufactured from the highest quality materials with attention to all design details.

The device is a modern and highly efficient air ioniser with protection against geopathic influences. The ioniser works silently, so it can be successfully used in the bedroom while sleeping.

We present the innovative Ion System Protector technology based on the resonance of appropriately selected precious stones enhanced by negative ionisation. Thanks to it, you will be able to harmonise and neutralise the unwanted influences of geopathogenic zones, water veins, Hartmann’s lines, including electrosmog, EMF fields and other negative external factors negatively affecting the cellular structure of the body. The protector serves to induce harmony of body and mind. It harmonises them by making the environment more comfortable, improving sleep, metabolism and psyche.

The device also acts as a home mini bioresonance. By using frequency fields of Dr Wikarski’s invention, the device emits only beneficial harmonically arranged resonant dominants into the environment. The aim of this is to align and regenerate all energies, including chakras and meridians in the human body. Acupuncture points vibrate at very precisely defined frequencies of their own, if they are not disturbed as a matter of course. Thanks to Wikarski’s discovery and the combination of negative ionisation in a loop with the specific vibration of gemstones (the idea of the designer Arkadiusz Lech), the resonant frequencies stand in exact mathematical relation to each other, so that our entire body is tuned exactly like a musical instrument.

In the presence of negative high-frequency electromagnetic fields and harmful electromagnetic radiation – electrosmog and geopathic zones and air pollution – smog, the ptotektor can have a positive effect on humans and animals. In addition, it will effectively and quickly clean the air of harmful dust and any bacteria, viruses, mites, fungi or other dangerous pathogens circulating around you and your loved ones.

The device is dual-core. Its first elements are mainly semi-precious and precious stones and rare metals set in a special resonant configuration. The most noteworthy of these is one of unprecedented harmonious power, occurring even rarer than gold. The second core is increased negative ionisation based on natural carbon technology as an inductor and amplifier of the positive harmonic vibrations of the stones. The principle of operation is derived from in-depth knowledge, analysis and research into both the properties of minerals and negative ions and the effects of their specific vibrations on the environment and the human body.

The device requires virtually no installation, the user places it on a shelf or desk and plugs it into the 230 V mains. Thanks to the 12 V option, it can also be used outside the home or in a safe place in the car.

Geopathic zones are nothing more than areas of land that adversely affect the health of people who stay in their area for a long period of time. In ancient Rome, Egypt or China, sites on which a house or other important building was to be built were carefully selected. The locals helped themselves with the work of a rosary maker, who was able to determine the zones of influence of the ground, or they used animals to delineate these zones. The name of the ‘geopathogenic’ (geopathic) zone was formed from a combination of two Greek words: geo – earth, and pathos – suffering or illness, which can be freely translated as suffering or illness coming from the earth. As far as the geopathogenic zone itself is concerned, the name is usually applied to areas of a few tens of centimetres or less, but there are also larger areas of up to a few metres, where it is possible to observe the burden of a certain type of radiation, which has a detrimental effect on any biological object, including the human body. Harmful radiation includes electromagnetic radiation, gamma radiation, X-rays, ultrasound, microwaves, radar, various receivers and transmitters, underground sources or water veins and tectonic faults. Where pathogenic zones intersect, the fatal effects of very strong terrestrial radiation on the human body occur. In cities in particular, the level of harmful electromagnetic radiation generated is higher than the natural electromagnetic radiation necessary for the functioning of living organisms. Excessive occurrence of electromagnetic fields can lead to numerous biological disorders in humans and animals. This is caused by the penetration of high-intensity electromagnetic signals into the information systems of our cells and body organs. Being in the range of GSM mobile telephony, including 5G, Bluetooth, wireless LAN causes the so-called electromagnetic garbage received by our body cells. Long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation therefore causes, among other things, poor sleep quality, reduced concentration, loss of vitality, migraines, and lowered immunity. However, each person reacts differently to electromagnetic loads in the surrounding environment. On the one hand, the response depends on the intensity and duration of exposure to electromagnetic frequencies and modulation; on the other hand, it also depends on the current state of health of the living organism in question.

The effects of Ion System’s Ionizer Protector can be felt literally a few hours after its application. They depend, of course, on the degree of sensitivity of each person using it. Let us remember, however, that according to academic medicine, the device does not cure any illness, but eliminates the negative effects of geopathic zones, which can cause various pathogenic ailments.

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